Never a dull moment -

Went to feed this morning and found that Tiger/Hickory/Baby had slashed his face on something.  A couple of months ago, I got there in the morning to find the jail gate off its hinges – didn’t take a forensics team to figure that one out: somebody had his face under the gate, reaching out those lips to get every single molecule of hay that had been flipped outside of the stall.  In came Dustin.  Up came the startled head – bang into the bottom of the gate – over to the hinge, which sheered off about three inches of hide up the nose.That little patch on his golden face is now blackish. And I’m sure this new slash – another strip of hide gone, too, too close to that eye – will grow in dark.  He’s going to look like an etcha-sketch.  This time, I can’t figure out how he did it this time. Ah well -

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