Golden Boy

Okay, this is about me, Brandon, the kid who owned the whole entire world for at least two and a half hours. They call this a middle-grade reader because they think I am in middle grade, which is totally untrue.  I’m going to be in sixth next year, and there’s nothing middle about that. So listen—if anybody ever tries to tell you that you’re just average? Do NOT listen to them. They have no idea whatsoever. You’re probably going to want to get some really long kind of paper—like a roll of toilet paper or something—so you can take notes on the dumb junk that happens to me in here, so you won’t just go around doing the same dumb junk if this ever happens to you. And don’t think it won’t. Just don’t mess with magic, is all. Super big mistake.

All this stuff was really scary when it happened to me.  But when I read the way she told it in this book? It was pretty funny.  What? You thought I was going to write all this down myself?

Note from grown-up:

Golden Boy is now available at Amazon, both as a Kindle book and a paperback book.  And at Create Space (if you’re going to get the paperback, and Amazon is the same price – please buy it at CreateSpace – they’re nicer to authors).   And at Barnes and Noble, if I ever get them figured out.  And at iBooks, or whatever you call it, also.

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