Kristen D. Randle


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Kristen Smiling

Come on up the steps, baby. Sit yourself down on the porch swing and stay a while. Nothing like a deep porch on a warm summer's night.

Here - have a lemonade, or take one of these nice palm fans.

We can sit out here and watch the fireflies. Maybe I'll tell you a story or two. Or we'll talk about your great-great grandfolks for a while.

Tomorrow, when the sun's new up, we'll go on down to the pasture and see the horses.

If you get to feeling a little chilly, now, fetch one of those old quilts from inside, and a slice of hot bread with some butter and new jam.

It's just good to have you here, honey. You rest yourself, now, and have a good little swing. Or go on ahead inside. Make yourself at home and see what there is to see. You know you're always welcome to stay as long as you like.



Guy with Banjo